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August 12th, 2005--Palm Beach Post:
"Mod 27 is Lake Worth's Comedy Squad"

"Mod 27 must be doing something right, because it was the only troupe from Florida selected to perform in late July at New York's Del Close Marathon, the nation's largest improv festival. In fact, the group was tapped to be the opening act for Saturday Night Live's Horatio Sanz."

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July 29th, 2005--Boca News:
"Mod 27 helps put south Florida on the map"

“Two members of Mod 27 were part of an all-star group of improv comics who warmed up the audience for Horatio Sanz of “Saturday Night Live” at the Abington Theater No. 1, 312 W. 36th St. Mod 27 was one of only two improv troupes selected from the Southeastern U.S. and the only troupe from Florida.”

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June 16th, 2005--New Times Broward Palm Beach:
"Provident Improv"

“It takes a lot of practice to be spontaneous. That's the first thing you learn when you're in a good improvisational comedy show. Improv isn't just acting. It's a sport, with its own skill sets and formal vocabularies. It takes a lot of training to make improv look so sweetly natural. The improv troupe Mod 27 makes it look easy.”

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June 2th, 2005--New Times Broward Palm Beach: Boca News:

“You were just about to dismiss the whole genre because of the laughless improv squirmfest produced by your local high school's theater nerds -- but wait! Here comes Mod 27, Palm Beach County's premier improv troupe.

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