July News Letter

From Chicago to Miami, Festivals

Mod 27 100 x 100Ok so we obviously are a bunch of liars. In last months thrilling installment of the Mod 27 News Letter we clearly stated that the Mod 27 improv troupe would not be performing in June. And what do we go and do? Perform twice. Ha! Double wammy no take backs! But listen we had a good reason for taking your trust, throwing it on the floor and then stepping on it for good measures. See, we were on tour. Ah-ha! We were given the opportunity to bookended June with trips to the Chicago Improv Festival (CIF) on 06/07/08 and the Miami Improv Festival on 06/27/08.

We had a great time in Chicago and were coached by Nick Johne (former Toronto Second City Main Stage Performer now CIF Coach). Both Nick and we were very happy with our performance. To celebrate we even had milkshakes at Margie’s a classic candy shop in Chicago. Miami was also great. The festival had a very hometown feel and we were given the opportunity to not only open for the Groundlings but also open the festival.

The Rumble Down Under

Interns 100 x 100Boo-ya! June 15th, Dustin Sharpe and four of our interns – Rachel Chin, Claudio Hall, Krys Parker, and Ryan Perez – took their improv “dukes” down to Miami and represented Mod 27 Productions in an improv competition show titled “the Rumble” hosted by our friends Just the Funny. Despite fighting tooth and nail in this all out improv brawl we failed to take the title. No matter though because a fun time was had by all and the interns left with new friends in the improv community. Congrats to the Rumble’s winners Peter and Jeff.