The Little Improv Troupe That Could

Guerrilla Improv 2015-03-12 001
Mod 27, live on the streets of Lake Worth

“I’ve got some bad news for you. The venue is all booked up for March. Sorry”,  said K.

Bummer, we’d have to get creative with where we would perform for the month.  But, we don’t lick our wounds around here.  We find opportunities for thinking outside the box.  That’s the Mod 27 way.   When you break your routine it creates an opportunity for excitement, learning, and growth.  That’s what I learned from Heather Parady my college improv director at Theatre Strike Force (University of Florida).  And that’s the culture of Mod 27.

Ok. So your theatre is booked for the month? No problem! You’re the little improv troupe that could. You can do anything.  Like Clint Eastwood said in Heartbreak Ridge “…you improvise, you adapt, you over come.”

And with that spirit we did something different. We booked a special show in a non-traditional improv venue. For one night only Mod 27 would hit the road and perform at the Little Munich in downtown Lake Worth.  The Munich has been a long time Mod 27 rendezvous for many a post show celebration.  It has also served us as a soundstage for a video sketch, a backdrop for a photoshoot and even host for business meetings. Although, admittedly, halfway through the business meetings we usually forgot why we were there.    With all our history with the Munich we are ecstatic to have the opportunity to finally perform in this space.  And grabbing a post show Franziskaner ain’t shabby either.

Special thanks to Gabby from the Munich, and our very own Krys and Wally for making this event possible.

Mod 27 performs: 9 PM – March 28, 2015 @ The Little Munich 806 Lake Ave. Lake Worth, FL.  Tickets are $8 for general admission.  Food and drinks are available.  Recommended for ages 16 and over - some adult language and content.