Mustache Mayhem

Mod 27 Presents: Mustache Mayhem.

If you and your friend wear a fake mustache to our next show you will receive 2 for 1 admission.

Our show will feature live short form (Who’s Line is it Anyways type games) and long form (An improvised play) improvised comedy featuring:

Steveocalypse! (Long Form): Cast – Steve Cohan and special guest.

Cheese and Crackers (Short Form): Cast – Krys Parker, Mike Vargas, John Froehlich, Zach Myers, and Chris Wheeler.

O’Hy-o (pronounced Ohio) (Long Form): Cast – Dave Hyland and Tom O.

2/13/2010 – 7:45PM to 9:30PM
Improv Comedy
Stage West @ the Duncan Theatre
4200 Congress Ave
Lake Worth, FL

General Admission: $12, Students/faculty: $5