Mod 27 is Traveling

We are pleased to announce that two of our productions (Ohio and AIT) have been selected to perform at the 4th Annual Gainesville Improv Festival (GIF), in Gainesville, FL.

GIF is a 4 day long festival which celebrates improvisational and sketch theatre. Pervious performers have included BASSPROV (Featuring Mark Sutton and Joe Bill–Improv Olympic/Annoyance Theatre/Second City), Pimprov, Jeff Griggs–Improv Olympic (Author of Guru: My Days with Del Close), Danny Mora (Improv Olympic), and Bill Arnett (Improv Olympic).

For full details visit:

Happy New Year

New TimeWelcome back for a fun and exciting new year of improv!  We hope that everyone had a  relaxing holiday season and a safe New Year. 
The Mod 27 team is reenergized and ready to pack your 2009 with laugher. 
One important scheduling note before we continue:
Time Change.  Each new year ushers in its own unique breadth of change.  2009 is no different. All of our productions between January 1 and April 11, 2009 will start at 10PM.

July News Letter

From Chicago to Miami, Festivals

Mod 27 100 x 100Ok so we obviously are a bunch of liars. In last months thrilling installment of the Mod 27 News Letter we clearly stated that the Mod 27 improv troupe would not be performing in June. And what do we go and do? Perform twice. Ha! Double wammy no take backs! But listen we had a good reason for taking your trust, throwing it on the floor and then stepping on it for good measures. See, we were on tour. Ah-ha! We were given the opportunity to bookended June with trips to the Chicago Improv Festival (CIF) on 06/07/08 and the Miami Improv Festival on 06/27/08.

We had a great time in Chicago and were coached by Nick Johne (former Toronto Second City Main Stage Performer now CIF Coach). Both Nick and we were very happy with our performance. To celebrate we even had milkshakes at Margie’s a classic candy shop in Chicago. Miami was also great. The festival had a very hometown feel and we were given the opportunity to not only open for the Groundlings but also open the festival.

The Rumble Down Under

Interns 100 x 100Boo-ya! June 15th, Dustin Sharpe and four of our interns – Rachel Chin, Claudio Hall, Krys Parker, and Ryan Perez – took their improv “dukes” down to Miami and represented Mod 27 Productions in an improv competition show titled “the Rumble” hosted by our friends Just the Funny. Despite fighting tooth and nail in this all out improv brawl we failed to take the title. No matter though because a fun time was had by all and the interns left with new friends in the improv community. Congrats to the Rumble’s winners Peter and Jeff.

Post 2008 Miami Improv Festival Thoughts

Last night Mod 27 (the improv troupe) performed at the 2008 Miami Improv Festival. First, thanks so much to the Miami Improv Festival Staff for inviting us down. Folks we had another great time with ya’ll. We love the new smaller and more intimate festival. Special thanks to LD for running our tech. Kudos to Just the Funny for the awesome new space and for being such great hosts. You guys are definitely blazing positive trails for the South Florida Improv Scene. To Jeff, Jason, and Mike (aka the boys of “Theatre Strike Farce”), Tom had a lot of fun working with you gents and we are happy to see that more Theatre Strike Force alum are working down here. Give us a shout any time you’d like to work together.

Also for anyone who didn’t understand Tom’s Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton reference it was based on this 1993 Got Milk ad:


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