Post 2008 Miami Improv Festival Thoughts

Last night Mod 27 (the improv troupe) performed at the 2008 Miami Improv Festival. First, thanks so much to the Miami Improv Festival Staff for inviting us down. Folks we had another great time with ya’ll. We love the new smaller and more intimate festival. Special thanks to LD for running our tech. Kudos to Just the Funny for the awesome new space and for being such great hosts. You guys are definitely blazing positive trails for the South Florida Improv Scene. To Jeff, Jason, and Mike (aka the boys of “Theatre Strike Farce”), Tom had a lot of fun working with you gents and we are happy to see that more Theatre Strike Force alum are working down here. Give us a shout any time you’d like to work together.

Also for anyone who didn’t understand Tom’s Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton reference it was based on this 1993 Got Milk ad: