Swede Fest Palm Beach 5 – Cheese and Crackers

Cheese and Crackers to Emcee Swede Fest Palm Beach
Cheese and Crackers to Emcee Swede Fest Palm Beach
Swede Fest Palm Beach is back! And for the third year in a row, Mod 27 house team, Cheese and Crackers has the honor of emceeing the event. The Swede Fest features laughably bad, 3 minute remakes of Hollywood hits made by amateur filmmakers throughout Palm Beach County.

I know what your thinking… What’s a Swede? Well, in the 2008 comedy “Be Kind Rewind” Jack Black and Mos Def remake Hollywood movies with zero budget. Their resulting products, hilarious one-take scenes, were called “Swedes” – as in the Swedish version of the movie. “Be Kind Rewind” inspired a cult following spawning a national craze of “Swedeing” movies by amateurs. Which resulted in our very own Palm Beach County Swede Fest, in 2012, to show case these “bad movies made by good people”. 2016 marks the 5th year for Swede Fest Palm Beach which is sponsored by Palm Beach Film Society, Thalo.com, Brewhouse Gallery and The Alchemy Group. Tickets $12 in advance ($15 at the door) and are available on the Kelsey Theater’s website.

In addition to appreciating these fine “works of art”, the audience votes on the best/worst film made. So, filmmakers could win Swede bragging rights and prizes. Mod 27 has joined in this fun and donated one of the prizes – a set of our West Palm Beach drop-in improv classes. Perhaps the filmmakers can use these classes to hone their skills for next year?

Cheese and Crackers 2014 entry: