The Superhero Show-Improvorics!

Mod 27 presents: The Superhero Show–Improvorics!

An improv comedy show with a superhero theme. Be a Hero! Laugh at some Improv! The City needs you. This show will feature short form improv (Who’s Line is it Anyways type games) and long form improv (an improvised play) comedy.


The Armando Group (Long Form): Cast – Kat Kenny, Zach Myers, John Froehlich, Ozzy Quintana, Patrick Price, Jack James, and Tom O.

A.I.T. (Short Form)

Old Child (Long Form): Cast – Steve Cohan, Patrick Price.

Thursday 7/22/2010 – 7:15PM to 9:00PM
Improv Comedy
Stage West @ the Duncan Theatre
4200 Congress Ave
Lake Worth, FL

General Admission: $12, Students/faculty: $5