Happy Fun Unicorn Awesome Improv Time

On the heels of our highly successful Mustache Mayhem show Mod 27 Presents: Happy Fun Unicorn Awesome Improv Time

At Mod 27 we perform improv the right way: happy and fun and awesome. And…um… with Unicorns?

Live improv featuring short form (Who’s Line is it Anyways type games) and long form (an improvised play) comedy.


Cheese and Crackers (Short Form): Cast – Krys Parker, Mike Vargas, John Froehlich, Zach Myers, and Chris Wheeler.

O’Hy-o (pronounced Ohio) (Long Form): Cast – Dave Hyland and Tom O.

Steveocalypse! (Long Form): Cast – Steve Cohan and special guest.

3/20/2009 – 7:45PM to 9:30PM
Improv Comedy
Stage West @ the Duncan Theatre
4200 Congress Ave
Lake Worth, FL

General Admission: $12, Students/faculty: $5

*Wear a real unicorn’s horn on your head to this event and you will win free tickets to every future Mod 27 show (regardless of location) for life. Strict judging and verification of authenticity will be required to claim this prize.